1 trillion – Bitcoin breaks important mark for the first time with a furious record run

With an increase of more than 900% in the last 12 months, Bitcoin can for the first time have a market value of over 1 trillion. Reach US dollars. Bitcoin climbed above $ 53,700 yesterday Friday, reaching a market capitalization of more than $ 1 trillion for the first time The current unstoppable record run, […]

Staking – The new way of generating “interest”

For many investors, income from interest, be it through overnight deposits or fixed-term deposits or bonds, comes first. Life insurers and pension funds have also been calculating with fixed-income investments for decades. But this is more or less over now. One possible answer here is the increasingly popular staking of cryptocurrencies, true to the motto: […]

L’ancien secrétaire au Trésor américain Larry Summers

L’ancien secrétaire au Trésor américain Larry Summers déclare que les pièces de monnaie „sont là pour rester“ L’ancien secrétaire au Trésor américain, le Dr Lawrence H. Summers, a déclaré vendredi dernier (15 janvier) avoir parlé de Bitcoin et des raisons pour lesquelles son prix devrait continuer à augmenter à long terme. Le Dr. Summers est […]


Een trend van ondermaatse prestaties tegen Bitcoin heeft Ethereum de laatste tijd geplaagd, waardoor kopers tekenen van capitulatie vertonen. Waar de ETH-trends op de middellange termijn grotendeels, zo niet volledig, zouden moeten afhangen van het feit of de BTC al dan niet blijft toenemen in de isolaties. De massale opkomst van Bitcoin heeft de laatste […]

The Salvation Army accepts crypto-money for the festive season

The Salvation Army accepts crypto-money for the festive season The Salvation Army is now accepting donations in BTC and ETH. The pandemic has deepened poverty, increasing the need for charitable donations in 2020. Crypto donations take advantage of the hype of a new monetary system to help the charity meet its needs while maintaining a […]

Die Gründe für die derzeitige Bitcoin-Rallye sind stärker als im Jahr 2017: Tyler Winklevoss

Der Mitbegründer der Börse Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss, hat mit CNBC über die Gründe für die derzeitige BTC-Rallye gesprochen, er glaubt, dass sie diesmal stärker sind als im Jahr 2017 Inhalt „Die klügsten Leute greifen nach Bitcoin“ „Diesmal nicht vom Einzelhandel getrieben“ Grayscale stockt seine BTC- und ETH-Bestände auf Bitcoin fällt unter 18.000 In einem aktuellen […]

Many investors are leaving gold markets for cryptomime assets

Our team of reporters will only send you the most relevant and accurate news so that you don’t have to search them According to a recent survey, investors are withdrawing funds from gold investments and directing them to the crypto sector This week’s CoinShares Digital Asset Fund Flows report indicates that a large volume of […]

A Suspensão de Retirada da OKEx não está atrás do Rally da Bitcoin: Analistas

O preço do Bitcoin subiu drasticamente desde o dia em que a OKEx anunciou a suspensão de todo o serviço de retirada de criptografia em sua plataforma. Entretanto, enquanto alguns amarram os dois juntos, muitos observadores do mercado não vêem motivo para associar o último encontro de preços com os problemas da OKEx. O último […]

Bitcoin at $ 318,000 in 2021 – A Golden Opportunity, Says Crazy Citibank Analyst

Bitcoin to the top? – For Bitcoin, the return to its high of 20,000 dollars does not dream enough of its most optimistic fans. The latter see the price of BTC at least at 100,000 dollars , or even more, as we will see here with … a banker , and not least. „Bitcoin: the […]

Monero (XMR) comes under attack aimed at unmasking users

The anonymous payment network Monero (XMR) has suffered an attack in recent days. It was aimed at unmasking users and revealing details about their transactions. Monero (XMR) victim of attack It was one of the main developers of the project, Riccardo Spagni alias „FluffyPony“, who reported this attack on a Twitter thread published yesterday . […]